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Run-flat tires take the fright out of punctures

Although a flat tire is usually one of the minor causes of having to interrupt your journey, it can still be very unpleasant. A flat tire can be particularly bad at high speeds. You can lose control of the vehicle and, in the worst case, cause an accident. Just the idea of ​​a tire suddenly failing in a narrow and heavily trafficked construction site on the Autobahn awakens the dream of flatless tires. Runflat tires are very helpful in this situation.

Mixed tires - What does it mean and when is it allowed?

Normally, cars are equipped with four tires of the same kind and type. However, sometimes it happens that only one car tire is damaged and replaced. Since the wheels of the front and rear axles are subjected to different stresses, it may be more necessary to change the tires on the drive axle than on the other. If this results in a combination of different models, it is basically already a case of mixed tires. Legislation provides for special features in this case. In this article, you will learn when a mixed tire is present and in which combination it is permitted.

Sprit sparen beim Autofahren mit SEBRING Reifen

Save fuel with the right tires

Many motorists notice over and over again that they have to fill up their tank more often. The increased fuel consumption not only has an impact on the environment, but also on the wallet. Every unnecessary litre quickly makes itself felt in the wallet. How can fuel consumption be reduced?

Beratung beim Reifenkauf durch die SEBRING Stützpunkthändler

Save when buying tires

Only when changing tires that many drivers realise that the minimum tread depth limit has been reached and new tyres are needed. People often assume that everything is cheaper on the internet - whether this is true and why expert advice is important: Where can everyone find cheap and suitable tires?


Passende Reifengröße der SEBRING Reifen im Fahrzeugschein

Find suitable tires

Whether at seasonal changes or when buying tires, many motorists repeatedly encounter the question: "Which tire size fits my car? However, it is often unknown that the prescribed tire size is not binding. Which tire sizes are still permitted for my vehicle?

Tires safety

It is the only connection between the vehicle and the road: the tire. This very fact illustrates how important a safe tire is. But what exactly makes a tire safe and how do you get the best possible safety out of it?

No Name Tires

Just when buying tires, you come across numerous different brands, often they are names that are completely unknown to you. The tire market is very large and many are skeptical when they hear of an unknown brand. Especially if you have a low budget, you will increasingly encounter no name tires. With unknown products one questions gladly first of all the security. But do No Name brands directly mean a worse quality and where lies the difference except name and price?


Tire designation

How often does one take a closer look at the designation on tires? Probably just to buy tires or the seasonal tire change, one or the other takes a look.

Tire life

How long can I drive my tires? This is a question that many drivers ask themselves time and again. After all, tires have a high safety factor on the car.  But how can you tell how long the tire can still be driven and what influences the service life? And can tires become too old?

Flat tire

No motorist wants to be stuck in this situation: The car breaks down and the reason is a flat tire. Few people deal with this issue, but you constantly see broken-down cars on the side of the road. Many people ask themselves the question: How can I prevent a flat tire and possibly even recognize it before it happens? And what are the characteristics of run-flat tires? In this article, every motorist will find important tips about punctures.

The tire change

As soon as the season and the temperatures change, the seasonal tire change is due. Many are unsure when the appropriate time is and therefore delay this as much as possible. Every year, many drivers ask themselves whether they can change their tires themselves. But what is important to pay attention to and what do you need to change the tires? In this article, everyone will find the answer around the seasonal changeover.

Buy tires online cheap.

Online trade is booming and the tire industry now also plays a major role in Internet sales. The Internet is a great savings paradise, especially for those who like to save money. As soon as the tires they have been using reach their limits, or a tire change is imminent, many drivers ask themselves the question: Where can I get the cheapest tires? Whether online or directly at the dealer the offers are varied. In this article we show the advantages of Internet purchase in direct comparison to buying tires at the dealer in person.

Transporter and light truck tires

With heavy loads, it stands to the side; the transporter. Many have used a so-called light truck before, so most are aware of the load that trapos are subjected to. Especially tires perform a large part of the ability, because they have to endure a lot due to a heavy load. Also by the large stress of wear or by the temperatures the life span of the tire can be shortened. Many ask the question whether there are extra transporter tires and are they urgent duty?

SUV tires

Many people know SUVs from America, but they have become indispensable in Germany as well. According to the manufacturer, the large vehicles are often suitable for many different terrains. However, SUV tires or even off-road tires are necessary to cope with a trip through the terrain in addition to the shopping trip. However, many drivers do not know what to look for when buying SUV tires. What is the difference between SUV tires and passenger car tires?

The best tires for aquaplaning

Aquaplaning is a problem that drivers can encounter at any time in wet conditions. On a wet road, the tires suddenly lose grip to the road surface and the car loses rolling resistance and lateral grip. Equipping the car with the best tires for such weather conditions significantly reduces the danger.

Tires for e-cars?

Almost all brands now offer e-cars alongside their models with combustion engines. An electric car combines ecological driving with independence from fluctuating fuel prices. However, since the technology is still relatively new, it raises some questions. One question, for example, is about the optimum tires for an electric car.

What is the special feature of off-road tires?

Conventional passenger cars run on standard tires in the form of summer or winter tires as well as all-season tires. Even vans, minibuses and motor homes require special tires, the so-called C and CP tires. The abbreviations stand for cargo and camping. Other types of vehicles that require special tires are off-road vehicles and SUVs. With their 4x4 drive, these vehicles are more or less suitable for off-road driving. Their car tires bear the abbreviations AT, MT, HT or ST, depending on their nature.

Influence of tire compound on driving characteristics and quality

Tires for vehicles are made of various materials. These include natural and synthetic rubber, mineral oil, steel, textile fabric and various fillers. Tire manufacturers mix these ingredients in different compositions, the so-called tire compound. The properties of the tires at different temperatures and on different surfaces depend above all on the compound, but so does the quality.

What does the tire label reveal about fuel efficiency and more?

Since 2012, tires in the EU have been required to carry a tire label, similar to electrical appliances. With EU Regulation 2020/740, the EU tightened the label's display requirements from May 1, 2021 and gave it a new look. Since then, manufacturers have had to visibly display the EU tire label on new tires. This provides consumers with important information about fuel efficiency, rolling resistance, wet grip and other product properties at a glance. Tires are required to be labeled with the tire label for:

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