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IHLE tire wholesale for Europe and UK

We are one of the top-performing European wholesalers for tires, wheels and wheel/tire packages. Our aspiration is to offer our customers outstanding individual advice, a full range of products and swift logistics, combined with attractive special promotions and prices. See how we stack up against your requirements - you won’t be disappointed!

With solid commitment to your business

Juliette Ribbert (Geschäftsführerin) IHLE tires GmbH

The management team

Juliette Ribbert (Managing Director) and the management team of IHLE tires GmbH work hard together - with the aim of guaranteeing your success at the end of the day.



Company history

From a local car scrapyard run by its proprietor - to a European tire wholesaler affiliated to Michelin

IHLE Reifengroßhändler altes Luftbild

The IHLE company, based at Güterbahnhof Str. 12 in Baden-Baden, Germany, was founded by the eponymous Fritz Ihle in the year 1928. Fritz Ihle successfully ran one of Germany’s first car scrapyards through all the economic and political unrest of the 1930’s and 40’s. After this period the company founder expanded the field of his business to include sales of axles and used vehicles; rubber tires also became important.

In 1963 Gerd Ihle, son of the company’s founder, assumed control of the company. Mail-order trading was introduced, resulting in a substantial expansion of the company’s sales market.

Starting in the year 1998, under the administration of Dr. Fabian Bohne, the company changed course completely, concentrating fully on the core business of tires, wheels and wheel/tire packages. IHLE experienced a period of powerful expansion, and in a very short time gained a presence in numerous European countries, offering a comprehensive range of prestigious brands.

When IHLE was taken over by Michelin in 2016 the company began to focus on the core markets of Germany, France and Eastern Europe. In Germany the wholesalers IHLE and Meyer Lissendorf merged to create a powerful wholesale enterprise.


Customers / Suppliers

  • We meet the expectation of our internal and external customers in terms of quality, safety and reliability.
  • We ensure that every touch point with us is a positive experience for the customer.
  • Our conviction that "there's no such thing as can't be done" is reflected in a particularly customer-oriented service in which we respond to the individual needs of the customer.
  • We offer the customer a wide portfolio of brands and items with high availability.
  • We offer the customer demand-oriented and reliable logistics with an optimal price/performance ratio.
  • We rely on qualified and proven suppliers and service providers to ensure the best possible performance for our customers.


  • We place an emphasis on the satisfaction and appreciation of our employees.
  • We are committed to providing our employees with the best possible training and education in order to always provide the best solutions for our customers.
  • Enthusiasm, commitment and fun at work make us strong as a team across departments.

IHLE as a company

  • We are committed to continuously improving and simplifying processes to increase internal efficiency.
  • We use resources carefully, avoid waste and protect the environment.
  • We strive to prevent occupational accidents, work-related illnesses and environmental accidents.

The management commits all executives of IHLE tires GmbH to implement and continuously improve this quality policy and the central quality management system.

The Michelin Code of Ethics

The Code of Ethics applies, without exception, to all employees of the Michelin Group and to anyone who acts on behalf of an organizational unit of the Group at our sites or worldwide.

Michelin also invites all customers, suppliers and other partners to subscribe to this Code. In many cases, compliance with them is also a prerequisite for doing business with the group. From an ethical point of view, the Group regards compliance with applicable national and international laws as a minimum basis.

The Michelin Code of Ethics recalls the Group's fundamental values ​​and describes principles and regulations to be respected. It shows guidelines for the decisions of employees and external stakeholders (e.g. customers, suppliers, partners). It describes the behavior in typical situations for the respective work environment.

Beyond the case studies described, every employee, business partner or supplier is required to use their judgment, common sense and good faith in all other possible situations.

This document is expected to evolve over time. In case of a conflict, the French-language version of this Code on ethique.michelin.com prevails.

Click here for the Michelin Code of Ethics

Click here for Michelin Group Ethics Line

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