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IHLE LKW: Reifengroßhandel Europa

Our sphere of action

IHLE tires GmbH is one of Europe’s top-performing tire wholesalers.
Currently the company is active in seven European countries:

Germany, France, Slovakia, Slovenia, Hungary, the Czech Republic and Romania.

Our sales team covers a wide geographical range for each individual region, ensuring that you can always obtain fast, personal support for your business requirements.


The IHLE tires head office is based in Muggensturm in Southern Germany, between Baden-Baden and Karlsruhe. This is the location of the logistics centre, as well as the complete administration and management divisions. In addition to the commissioning and dispatch processing of tires and wheels, this is where wheel/tire packages are produced to customers’ specifications. Goods are dispatched every day using our 100 truck loading docks, while commercial customers also have the option of collecting their orders directly from IHLE.

Orders and general queries are processed by the sales and customer service team at Muggensturm, and also at our second base of Nürburgring. The regionally organised field sales force provides local support for your tire business.

Statistics and facts


More than 200 staff are currently employed at Muggensturm and the Nürburgring.


The central warehouse stores up to 1,000,000 tires, wheels and wheel/tire packages.

Sphere of action

Almost 30 sales personnel and staff are available to assist you.


Strasbourg, not far from the border between Germany and France, is the location of the first subsidiary company of IHLE tires GmbH. Here again the full range of tires, wheels and wheel/tire packages is available. Since this branch has its own warehouse in Châlon, which is very centrally located, deliveries in France are also reliable and fast. Every day from 8 am to 7 pm you have access to a young, dynamic sales team who will be delighted to help you.

Key Performance Indicators


IHLE France employs a staff of around 30


Goods are supplied from the central European warehouse at Muggensturm and the supplementary warehouse at Châlon

Regional Support

15 sales advisors all over France, in your locality

Central and Eastern Europe (CEE)

The large number of IHLE branches in Central and Eastern Europe ensure that customers in those regions have reliable support for their business activities - and in their own language. IHLE tires in CEE encompasses Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, the Czech Republic and Hungary. The company’s extensive warehouse at Bratislava serves all these subsidiaries, as does the main warehouse in Southern Germany, ensuring that our high delivery standards are constantly maintained.

Overview of the CEE Business


Five independent companies under the aegis of IHLE tires GmbH


Around 30 staff in total are employed in CEE


Warehouse in Western Slovakia, area around 6.500 m²

Would you also like to become an IHLE customer?

We offer a broad network of competent contact persons who will be pleased to provide expert answers to all your questions. Look for the appropriate contact in your locality right now, and you can benefit from the huge range of products and brands as well as our first-class service.

IHLE tyre wholesale Europe: our radius of action

What does IHLE tyre wholesale offer?

In tyre wholesale, IHLE tires is the right choice in B2B business. As one of the most successful and strongest tyre wholesalers in Europe, we offer a wide range of tyres, rims, and complete wheels. You can combine them according to your wishes and ideas in order to create a broad product portfolio. Individual customer consultation and a high delivery capacity of your wheels is our top priority.

Locations and services

As a tyre wholesaler, IHLE tires covers the tyre market throughout Europe – both in central Europe and the eastern countries. The heart of IHLE tires is located in Germany – in Muggensturm to be precise. The logistics centre and the entire management can be found here. In addition to the dispatch processing of tyres and rims, wheels are also manufactured according to customer specifications. There is also a warehouse in Châlon in neighbouring France. This allows a high delivery capacity and provides an individual sales team. Further locations are located under IHLE CEE. These include Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, the Czech Republic, and Hungary.

Which tyre brands are offered? What other tyres/products does IHLE offer?

As a high-performance tyre wholesaler, we offer a wide range of tyres and rims. Whether winter tyres, summer tyres, or all-season tyres, we offer a wide range of different tyres. From APLUS to Michelin, there is a suitable brand in every price category. We also offer an individual selection of rims so that you can create different wheels. As a tyre wholesaler, we not only offer the possibility of ordering individual tyres or rims but allow you to create the new wheels directly with your customer in our “Lissi Complete Wheel Configurator”.

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